New Product - IndigoUSB

One new product over at Drakware:

New Products

Many more products are available at Drakware!


Now you too can own some fun projects of mine!

Head over to Drakware and take a look. Right now there's one product available to connect your nice old NeXT keyboard to a USB system. More coming soon!


It's been way too long! I've had more time to dig into the NeXT and some other old systems so I updated the NeXT keyboard protocol page with some new info about timing and stop bits. I'm working on several related projects and hope to have some things available to buy soon!

I've been working on the Indigo as well but my power supply died. I'm planning on connecting a much more affordable and readily available ATX power supply to it and will post some details when I get that running.

Other projects include a couple of old Macs, a Sun Ultra 10, a GRiD laptop, and getting into FPGAs. I'll try and post some details for each of those.

NeXTstation Fan Replacement

The latest project: making my NeXTstation quieter.